This page is an archive of the event, Bridging The Water Gap
This event was held April 15-17, 2005, at the Eisenhower Community Center Hopkins, MN Bridging the Water Gap Logo

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Conference Hours
Friday 5:30pm-10pm
Saturday 9am-10pm
Sunday 9am-5:30pm

The Conference recommends the following accommodations:  

SpringHill Suites:


TownePlace Suites:  

*A shuttle will be available from the SpringHill Suites.



Bridging The Water Gap will provide a forum for scientific, spiritual and educational leaders to develop ideas that expand current water practices, policies and technologies and help provide workable global solutions for our rapidly declining freshwater resources.

In celebration of the United Nations' Decade for Action: "Water For Life" (2005-2015), Bridging The Water Gap will join ecologists, writers, musicians, artists, quantum physicists, researchers, philosophers and educators to discuss the many issues surrounding the state of water on our planet. This gathering is a celebration of our collective efforts to expand public awareness. The speakers will create the potential energy. The water presentations, ceremonies, films, art and music will initiate the kinetic wave that connects and unifies us.

Tibetan Sand Mandala
Tibetan Sand Mandala

Highlights Include:

Tibetan Sand Mandala
Walk the Water Labyrinth
Hopkins Fire Dept Water Demos
National Theater for Children
Mama Earth Environmental Peace Cabaret

Larry Long Troubadour
We Rise Million Voice Choir
Workshops, speakers, exhibits
Panel discussions
Activities for the whole family!


Featured Speakers Include:

Maude Barlow - Author, Blue Gold, water privitization expert, Council of Canadians

Masaru Emoto - Researcher/Author, Messages From Water, Vol. 1-3 and The Hidden Messages in Water

Donna L. Goodman - Founder, Earth Child Institute; Author, United Nations' Youth Resource Guide, Every Body Matters, Every Drop Counts

Tyrone Hayes, PhD - UC Berkeley Scientist/Researcher, frog deformities/ pesticides

Daniel Kammen, PhD - UC Berkeley, Founder Renewable and Appropriate Energy Lab, Global Warming

William E. Marks - Water researcher for 30 years, author of The Holy Order of Water; contributor, The Encyclopedia of Water; Founder, World Waterway Institute

Craig Peyton - Musician, pilot, aerial cinematographer, producer of Spirit of Water and founder of EarthFlight Media

Fred Alan Wolf, PhD - Quantum Physicist from film What the #$BLEEP Do We Know!? and Author of 11 books including Taking the Quantum Leap 

Other presenters include
Ryan Case: Water Stewards Network;
Sylvia Edwards: "Medicine for the Earth";
Gyuto Monks Ceremony;
Marcia Macomber: The Universities
Partnership for Transboundary Waters;
Pamela Michael: "River of Words";
our own Mark Seeley, meteorologist
and others!

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Bridging The Water Gap - Come Experience the Wave
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