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Minneapolis Chain of Lakes Thank Water Day Sunday, July 25, 2004

WaterfallsA Minneapolis Milfoil Project (AMMP) and AquaEssence ReSource (AERS) invite you to join us in celebrating International Thank Water Day at several sites on the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes.

We will collect water samples in advance of the blessing ceremonies. We will send one sample to Mararu Emoto at the Hado Life Institute in Eschen, Liechtenstein for the International Thank Water Day Celebration on the Rhine River. It originates in the Alps of Switzerland, runs through Liechtenstein, flowing along the borders of Austria, Germany and France, cuts across Germany and the Netherlands, and ends up in the North Sea. In Eschen, Marsaru Emoto, his staff and volunteers will combine water samples from all over the world and send the Hado (resonance wave) of ‘Love and Thanks’. Afterward they will release the water into the Rhine River with the prayer that all of the water in Europe and on the planet will be filled with the Hado of ‘Love and Thanks’; and they will collect samples at designated points down river for MRA tests.

The Chain of Lakes Thank Water Day will combine water from each blessing site, send it the Hado of ‘Love and Thanks’ and release it into the Mississippi River with a prayer that all of the water existing in the United States and on the planet will be filled with the Hado of ‘Love and Thanks.’ The Mississippi River flows through 10 of the 50 states in the Central United States from Minnesota to New Orleans, Louisiana into the Gulf of New Mexico. These ceremonies will be brief and simple; celebrants will explain local and worldwide International Thank Water Day to participants and then, will ask the attendees to join in saying the heartfelt, simple words “I love you” and “Thank you” to the water. Together we will join other people sending our prayers of ‘Love and Thanks’ to all the water in the Animal, Human, Mineral and Plant kingdoms around planet Earth.

With just a few words we will bless Planet Earth as we speed toward 2012 and the ‘Great Time Shift’ predicted by the Mayans centuries ago.

Since 2002, AMMP has addressed the presence of Eurasian watermilfoil, a foreign invader, in Minneapolis lakes. Through research and public information, AMMP documents the progression of milfoil growth, and the array of local, state and federal government programs dedicated to the eradication of the aquatic plant.

We postulate that there is a low cost solution to milfoil and invite the public to use therapeutic intent or prayer clean up our precious freshwater resources.


These are water samples taken before/after the Ceremony from the Saint Croix River, which starts in Wisconsin and becomes the divider between the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin.


Here are the water samples takenmississippibefore.jpg before/after the Ceremony from the Mississippi River close to where the Rum River and the Mississippi flow together.

Samples were taken, then shipped to Japan for analysis in Masaru Emoto's laboratory.




More water crystal photographs from around the world are on Emoto's website:  www.thank-water.net


Contact us: AquaEssence ReSource, 12002 County Road 11, Burnsville, MN 55337.
952-890-3141 or info@aquaessenceresource.org