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The True Power of Water: The Collaboration between Sound and Water
With Bestselling Author, Dr. Masaru Emoto

Thursday, November 2, 7:15PM - 9:30PM
Bloomington Jefferson High School


Friday, November 3, 7PM-10PM, with book signing
The Masonic Center, 301 Wisconsin Ave; Madison WI 53703

Interested in cruising with Dr. Emoto?

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AquaEssence ReSource is currently supporting "Friends of Birch Island Woods"

Eden Prairie's City Council has proposed to build an extension of Prospect Road. This road has the potential to damage Miller Spring. Miller Spring is one of the very few public springs available in MN. This spring is fed by one of the deepest aquifers in MN and is used by thousands of people as their source of clean drinking water. AERS encourages interested individuals to participate in a letter writing campaign to regulatory agencies. These agencies are listed on the Miller Spring Friends site below. If you would like to be involved contact info@aquaessenceresource.org

More information at www.fbiw.org  or  view a PDF document

Fredrick-Miller Spring /Riley Creek project the Friends of Birch Island Woods Website

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Contact us: AquaEssence ReSource, 12002 County Road 11, Burnsville, MN 55337.
952-890-3141 or info@aquaessenceresource.org