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Additional Articles

Maude Barlow

Blue Gold: An Interview with Maude Barlow
Increasingly, developing countries are forced to cede control over their dwindling water supplies to private firms.
Interviewed By Jeff Fleischer, January 14, 2005 More...

Blue Gold: The Battle Against Corporate Theft of the World's Water
By Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke
Fresh water is quickly becoming big business, and a preserve of the wealthy. The world's most fundamental and indispensable resource -- water -- is fast disappearing. In fact, a global shortage of water is looming as the most threatening ecological, economic, and political crisis of the twenty-first century. More...

The Battle For Water
by Tony Clarke and Maude Barlow
In the 21st century, our water is becoming a commodity. Some want to profit from it and others are ready to go to war over it, but every form of life must have it. Water use is growing twice as fast as population, but there is no more water today than there ever has been. Who will control this source of life? More...

The Right to Water : The Campaign for a United Nations Treaty
Ever since the powerful players of the World Water Council - the World Bank, the big water corporations, and the aid agencies and water ministries of First World countries - declared that water is not a human right, but rather a human “need” best served by private investors, the issue of the human right to water has become central to the international struggle for the control of water. More...

Victory in Uruguay!
On October 31, the people of Uruguay, a small South American country of just 3 million people, went to the polls. Not only did they elect a new centre-left government that day, but they also made history by being the first people in the world to vote on the human right to water. More...

Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World's Water
Many developing countries are now privatizing their water industry, and as a result many poor people cannot afford clean water and must turn to polluted water sources instead, says Maude Barlow. More...

Water Water Everywhere

All Wet, A debate on water privatization, part six, Grist Magazine
Everyone knows that water is the stuff of life. But is it best viewed as a commodity or as part of the commons? Should providing safe, affordable water be the role of governments, corporations, or partnerships between the two? More...

Polaris Institute
The world's most fundamental and indispensable resource - water - is fast disappearing.  In fact, a global shortage of water is looming as the most threatening ecological, economic, and political crisis of the twenty-first century. More...

Water Partners International
Water scarcity: A looming crisis? (BBC News) - "The poor are the ones who suffer most. Water shortages can mean long walks to fetch water, high prices to buy it, food insecurity and disease from drinking dirty water. More...

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Ryan Case

The Water Stewards Network
The Water Stewards Network is an organization founded and run by young water activists who are concerned about the corporate theft of the water commons and about the ways in which we, as a society, are currently mismanaging our freshwater resources. More...

The Water March
With a strong focus on youth, the Water March will travel the country in an RV powered by alternative energy sources visiting water festivals, conferences, schools, music festivals and other events to engage people in a dialogue about our common water resources. The overarching goal of the Water March is to raise awareness about the major threats to our water and foster local activism. More...

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Sylvia Edwards

Collective Light
My name is Sylvia Edwards and I have had a healing practice since 1990. I have been studying alternative healing methods since 1978. At Collective Light, my focus is on Alternative, Complimentary Healing drawing from a variety of modalities and techniques. I have been studying and practicing alternative healing techniques for over 25 years. More...

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Masaru Emoto

Messages From Water : Water's Remarkable Expressions
by Ralph Suddath
New research into the nature of water reveals an infinite variety of form and structure. These varieties are reflected in the forms of the crystals of frozen water. Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher, in his groundbreaking book, Messages from Water and in his most recent book, Messages from Water Part 2 , explains how he freezes different samples of water and then photographs their crystals. More...

Hado: The intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter. The smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness.
Until the groundbreaking work of a pioneer Japanese researcher whose astonishing discovery about water, documented photographically, changed most of what we didn't know and led to a new consciousness of Earth's most precious resource. The "messages" of water he has brought us is here for you to share through Hado (Vibration). "The messages from water are telling us to look inside ourselves." More...

Water's Remarkable Message at Shifting Frequencies
by Ralph Suddath
Recently, I went to Japan to study and verify Dr. Emoto's work. I found him to be an exceptionally kind and compassionate man, full of honesty and integrity. I was able to take the pictures with him and indeed was able to verify his results. More...

Exciting Research Experiment with Pranic Distant Healing
On 24th July 2003, Dr. Hazel Wardha coordinated a research experiment with Dr. Masaru Emoto's laboratory. 12 Pranic healers from Melbourne and Master Gregory Castanarez from Manila projected Pranic energy to a Tokyo tap water sample placed in Dr. Emoto's laboratory in Japan. More...

Special Project: Series, "The Truth of Hado"
The Lesson I Learned from “All About Rod Water” Symposium
by Dr. Masaru Emoto
In those years, we were beginning to see an increase in the popularity of Pi water. I was also getting interested in Pi water and had read a little about it. Therefore, I assumed that Mr. Quinn's water must be the American version of Pi water. I made contact with them many times to try to obtain the distribution rights in Japan. After a several months, we signed an agreement. More...

Crystal Clear – Messages from Water
Could crystals of water be the answer to all our problems?
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho reviews the amazing work of Japanese water scientist.
What if water, the medium of all life, were sensitive to our thoughts? Does that mean human consciousness has shaped evolution, and can still do so? More...

New Connexions

Journal of Conscious Evolution

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Donna Goodman

The Earth Child Institute
The Earth Child Institute is an international not-for-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) working in consultative status with the United Nations and UNICEF. We are dedicated to the development and implementation of multicultural, interdisciplinary educational programs that are designed to integrate holistic and indigenous ways of teaching and learning into the context of our modern day world. More...

Gather the Women - Global Matrix
One of the most important aspects of Gather the Women is our commitment to discovering new models for effective collaboration. To fuel that creative possibility, we have gathered together in this Matrix a wonderful cross-section of Partner Organizations. These are all organizations doing powerful transformational work on this planet – working for peace, economic sustainability, environmental issues, support for women and children, health concerns, and a myriad of other intentions that are all contributing to our planetary well-being. More...

Every Body Counts, Every Drop Matters
Written and edited by Donna L. Goodman
This classroom resource guide is designed to inform students about the world's water resources and get them involved in preserving them. It takes an interdisciplinary and multi-cultural approach to explaining issues and concepts such as water cycle, hydroelectricity and dams, water and health, and water and culture. Each chapter is supplemented with fun and educational activities such as testing rainwater, making an aquifer or distilling seawater. More...

Pumped up for Peace
This is a new project being sponsored by the United Nations Cyberschoolbus to help communities around the globe that don't have access to safe drinking water. Recent estimates indicate that 1.1 billion people don't live near water that is safe to drink. More...

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Gyuto Monks

Gyuto Monks Photo Gallery
The Mandala, is a road of map of the universe. It explores the interrelationship of the heavenly bodies, the human body, and the working of the mind. It also describes the stages of meditation followed by an individual or a community on the path to inner peace and/or world peace. More...

Minnesota Art & Artists: A Study in Diversity
by Kevan Nitzberg
Monks of the Gyuto Tantric University
Yamantaka Mandala... A mandala, or circle, is a representation of the Buddhist universe. These cosmograms represent in symbolic color, line, and geometric forms, all realms of existence and are used in Tantric meditation and initiation rites. The creation of a mandala, considered a consecrated area, is believed to benefit all beings. More...

Preserved for the future, a Tibetan sand mandala defies time and gravity to become an artistic representation of a culture in peril
By Kira Obolensky
Tibet has been called the roof of the world–indeed, this ancient kingdom is at such high altitude that the clouds float not in the sky but on the ground. So physically close to the heavens, it seems appropriate that Tibet should develop one of the world's most esoteric systems of spirituality. More...

Interview with Al Silberstein , Head Museum Carpenter at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

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Tyrone Hayes, PhD

The Story of Syngenta & Tyrone Hayes at UC Berkeley: The Price of Research
A Berkeley Scientist Says a Corporate Sponsor Tried to Bury his Unwelcome Findings and Then Buy His Silence 
by Goldie Blumenstyk
Tyrone Hayes wasn't all that concerned about who was signing the checks when he agreed to do some consulting on one of the most widely used pesticides in the country. And when the early studies from his laboratory at the University of California at Berkeley began producing hints that the product, the herbicide atrazine, might be inhibiting the sexual development of male frogs, he was excited. Maybe, he thought, his research would lead to some breakthrough findings. He never imagined just how unenthusiastic his research sponsors—and others with a financial stake in atrazine—would be about his discovery. More...

Emerging Explorers: National Geographic's Next Generation
For biologist and herpetologist Tyrone Hayes, scientific breakthroughs don't begin and end in the laboratory. They also come from the field. Which is why, more often than not, you'll find Hayes wet, muddy, and knee-deep in an African swamp at 2:00 in the morning, the time when the frogs come out. More...

Inside the lab and out in the field
A profile of frog researcher Tyrone Hayes
by Mary K. Miller
As a young boy, Tyrone Hayes loved bugs and other creepy-crawly things, but frogs have always held a special fascination for him. "Amphibians do everything in full view," the University of California at Berkeley biologist says, "I loved watching tadpoles turn into frogs ...this is an animal that's really two animals in one. In one tiny little egg, it has the entire genome to make two completely different animals." More...

Frog Nirvana
A frog lover's dream come true
by David Braun, National Geographic News
A study of frogs that could yield benefits for both conservation and human health has received the 7,000th grant awarded by the National Geographic Society's Committee for Research and Exploration. The recipient of the grant is Tyrone B. Hayes, 33, an associate professor in the department of integrative biology at the University of California, Berkeley. More...

Research Interests
by Professor Tyrone B. Hayes
My research focuses on the role of steroid hormones in amphibian development and I conduct both laboratory and field studies in the U.S. and Africa. The two main areas of interest are metamorphosis and sex differentiation, but I am also interested in growth (larval and adult) and hormonal regulation of aggressive behavior. My work addresses problems on several levels including ecological, organismal, and molecular questions. More...

Duluth Living Green Conference

Profile from University of California-Berkley website

National Geographic News, Pesticides, Parasite May Cause Frog Deformities
Frogs with extra legs or missing legs have been showing up with greater frequency over the past decade, and scientists have been baffled by the cause. Some researchers have concluded that pesticide runoff from farms is to blame; others say a common parasite is the culprit. Now, a new study suggests that both these factors in combination have disturbed normal development in many frogs, leading to the abnormalities. More...

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Daniel Kammen, PhD

The Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL)
RAEL is a unique new research, development, project implementation, and community outreach facility based at the University of California, Berkeley in the Energy and Resouces Group and the Department of Nuclear Engineering . RAEL focuses on designing, testing, and disseminating renewable and appropriate energy systems. The laboratory's mission is to help these technologies realize their full potential to contribute to environmentally sustainable development in both industrialized and developing nations while also addressing the cultural context and range of potential social impacts of any new technology or resource management system. More...

National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance
Daniel M. Kammen works on technical, social, and policy aspects of domestic and international energy and environmental policy. His research interests include renewable energy systems, health and environmental impacts of energy generation and use, rural resource management, international RandD policy, climate change, and energy forecasting and risk analysis. More...

Introducing Solar Ovens to Rural Kenya
For the past three years, Daniel Kammen, Princeton University assistant professor of public and international affairs, has been involved in a project to introduce solar ovens to rural Kenyan communities. "More than two billion people worldwide depend primarily on wood for their energy needs," Kammen says. "Biomass burning leads to deforestation and contributes up to 40 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. It's also firmly linked to acute respiratory infection, which is the leading health hazard to women and children in developing countries." Domestic cooking accounts for 60 percent of wood-burning in developing nations and as much as 90 percent in some areas, Kammen says, but simple, cheap technology is available to reduce wood-burning for that purpose by half -- or more. More...

Climate Change, Energy and the Future of Washington State
Climate change is the most critical environmental, economic, political and social problem facing the world today. There is a strong scientific consensus that we have already moved into a changing climate. At the same time, there is also scientific consensus that anthropogenic emissions add significantly to the release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. Although there is a renewed awareness that we must become more self-sufficient in energy, there is not always a link established between our energy uses and choices and climate change. More...

Promoting Power Generation Efficiency Without Environmental Damage
This is Science Today. The U.S. Department of Energy has teamed up with three California universities to promote higher efficiency in power generation without causing more environmental damage. Daniel Kammen, a professor in the Energy and Resources Group at the University of California, Berkeley, says that promoting the capture and use of waste heat could double power plant efficiency. More...

Clean energy generates jobs, Kammen team reports
Transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable resources to meet U.S. energy needs would not only be good for the environment and decrease our dependence on imported oil; it would also generate more jobs, concludes a report released in April by Berkeley researcher Daniel Kammen. More...

Profile from University of California-Berkley website

Columbia University Events Calendar
The Earth Institute presents, "Africa's Energy Future," by Daniel M. Kammen, Professor, Energy and Resources Group and Goldman School of Public Policy, and Director, Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley. More...

Harvard University, Center for the Environment

Waste Not, Want Not
Lab Notes, Research from the School of Engineering, UC-Berkeley
In the near future, the heat that warms your apartment in the winter may be piped in from the dry cleaner next door. According to UC Berkeley researchers, harnessing the "waste" heat that's currently vented out the back of turbines and generators could help ease our energy bill woes by doubling the effective efficiency of fossil fuel combustion in a wide range of power plants. More...

Department of Nuclear Engineering, UC-Berkeley, News and Events

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Marcia Macommber

The Universities Partnership for Transboundary Waters is an international consortium of water expertise, including ten universities on five continents, seeking to promote a global water governance culture that incorporates peace, environmental protection, and human security. More...

New consortium to address global water conflicts
"About 60 percent of the renewable fresh water in the world has its origin in 261 international basins," said OSU's Marcia Macomber, the director of program development for the partnership. "This means most of the world's water is shared water." Shared water, Macomber said, sets the stage for conflict between countries and between user groups within countries. More...

Oregon State University, Osu Role Expanding In Managing World Water Conflict
Oregon State University is expanding its leadership in the arena of international water issues, with a new publication to be unveiled this month in Japan, an evolving partnership with other universities, and a key educational role in a proposed new $10 million initiative that would help manage water conflicts all over the world. More...

Oregon State University Profile

Asian International Rivers Center

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William Marks

Raising Awareness of Water's Worth
FDU Magazine Online
A well-known water expert and water advocate who has testified before Congress and been featured in national media including CNN, Marks is the author of The Holy Order of Water. The widely acclaimed book describes water's biological, historical, environmental and spiritual significance, along with Marks' lifelong relationship with H2O. “This is a philosophical/spiritual/healing book that deals with the realm of water on many levels,” he says. More...

The Holy Order of Water
Healing Earth's Waters and Ourselves
Long gone are the days of drinking naturally pure water from flowing rivers and streams. It is already common today for people to use bottled water or home water filtration systems for their drinking water. How have we come to such a predicament, and what can be done about it? More...

Worldwide Circle of Labyrinths
to commemorate the victims and the survivors of the 2004 Tsunami
Labyrinths & Sea Lore & Poetry
Stories tell how since ancient times, people have used labyrinths to invoke the mercy of the Gods in their dealings with the sea. At the shores of Iceland and the Baltic Sea, there are still many old labyrinths that were once used by fishing people to indicate the directions of the winds and to pray that the old sea Goddesses would protect the fishers in a safe return home. Legends tell how labyrinths near lakes and sea sides have also been used as a place to guide the souls of the deceased to the hereafter. More...

Water, Local and Global
By Cathy Holt
“Humanity has not only lost touch with the spiritual nature of water, but is now in danger of losing its very physical substance.” - Theodor Schwenk
Global Picture: Water Shortage
Over 1 billion people lack access to clean drinking water, 2.5 billion lack adequate sanitation, and 500 million people a year die from drinking contaminated water. More...

WATER  Cleaner Ponds, and Affordable Housing Too

The quality of the Island's water resources is a central VCS concern, and our work in this area continues to take a variety of forms. Central to our efforts is the Water Alliance, a group of conservationists, town officials, shellfish agents, land planners, concerned citizens, and water professionals, including the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah), brought together by VCS to promote strategic cooperation on water issues. More...

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Pamela Michael

River of Words
Connecting Kids to their Watersheds and Imaginations through Poetry & Art
Annual Environmental Poetry & Art Contest Conducted in affiliation with The Library of Congress Center for the Book More...

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Craig Peyton

Spirit of Water
A Meditation and Nature DVD
Share Craig's vision and discover the Spirit of Water from high above the clouds to below the tropical ocean depths. Experience this wonderous journey filled with inspiring imagery, music and water sounds. Enjoy the natural forms of water in all its beauty as it exists in nature. More...

Reno First United Methodist Church, Words for Meditation

Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, River of Words Contest Winners

Skipping Stones, The 15th Multi-Cultural Storytelling Festival

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Fred Alan Wolf, PhD - Wolf is well known for his simplification of the new physics and is perhaps best known as the author of Taking the Quantum Leap which, in 1982, was the recipient of the prestigious National Book Award for Science. More...

From PARALLEL UNIVERSES (Simon and Schuster)
As Woody Allen once put it, "There is no question that there is an unseen world. The problem is how far is it from midtown and how late is it open." Since the discoveries of the new physics, the question of the existence of parallel universes--worlds which exist side-by-side along with our own--has taken on renewed interest well beyond mere speculation. More...

Physics and Consciousness
A transcript from the THINKING ALLOWED Television Series. More...

Transforming Matter into Feeling
Excerpted from Matter into Feeling: A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit by Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.
Shall we be able to realize, on a higher plane, alchemy's old dream of psychophysical unity, by the creation of a unified conceptual foundation for the scientific comprehension of the physical as well as the psychical? More...

Awakening the Mystery
Excerpted from Mind into Matter: A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit by Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.
While I am not saying that we should dismiss so-called “great minds” attempts to explain their ideas to a public eager to have them, I do say that there is much room for good inspired speculation by scientist-writers such as myself who in explaining the workings of science also offer their unabashed vision of what's to come—even if that vision takes us far beyond the borders of acceptance, and particularly if this vision offers some basis for hope and inspiration. More...

Beyond the Ordinary Dot Net
Pre-recorded interviews playing 24/7.
What is  The Yoga of Time Travel about? Defeating time! Explained in simple language, the means for achieving time travel through the use of a mind Yoga, a technique for training the mind to carry out the process. More...

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Additional Articles

What the #$*! Do We Know !?

Documentary movie where reality is changed by every thought

Crystal Clear Messages


The Strangeness of Water and Homeopathic 'Memory'

Two articles from I-SIS, the UK's 'Institute for Science in Society'


Just Say But The Word, Mary Williams

Water Conservation Tips

Mercury Free Minnesota

Sources of Mercury

The Strangest Ice

High Mercury Levels Found in Women

Airline Water

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