AERS Springs Forth

AquaEssence ReSource was founded in December 2003 by three women, Diane Jankord, Sharon Mullen and Terri Peterson. Their combined passion for water and healing brought them together in this adventure. They believe drawing together diverse groups will help us find that we are all traveling separate paths to the same destination.

AERS hopes its work will awaken people to look up from their own path, to recognize others on parallel paths and bring about convergence. It is at this crossing point where stories can be told, ideas exchanged and understanding materialized. As their name implies, AquaEssence ReSource hopes to unleash the power and knowledge water has to offer and return it to humanity. They believe water is the one element that unites us all.

Experimentation on the physical and non-physical properties of water will be accomplished by the opening of a water research facility. Their laboratory will include water crystal photography (training by Masaru Emoto) and will incorporate current research and cutting edge scientific methods to reveal the secrets of water.

Contact us: AquaEssence ReSource, 12002 County Road 11, Burnsville, MN 55337.
952-890-3141 or