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Masaru Emoto, Masaru Emoto: Author and Japanese Water Researcher

Pure Water Forms Beautiful Frozen Crystals
In May, 2004,  Horst M. Rechelbacher and Spring Forest Qigong Foundations sponsored “The Hidden Messages in Water” presentation by Masaru Emoto before nearly 1,000  people at the Wayzata Community Church. Emoto, a Japanese scientist and doctor of alternative medicine shared his 15 years of research on water and surprising results. Can we learn something from his work? You be the judge.

Masaru Emoto began his research on water 15 years ago because he realized that water made up 80% of the surface of Planet Earth and 70% of the human body. He believed that if one wanted to improve life for all people living in the World, one needed to start with water. His studies led him to collecting and then, freezing droplets of tap water samples from the major cities and fresh water streams and glaciers in Japan. Emoto discovered that the water samples differed when frozen and viewed under a deep field microscope -urban tap water formed amorphous patterns while pristine water formed snowflake-like crystals. Eventually he developed the photographic technique to capture these images within 2-3 seconds of the crystals melting. See pictures of the Water Crystals below.

The World Responds to Beauty of Water Crystals
His research expanded to include water samples from around the world; he noted what appeared to be water’s reaction to different forms of music, and emotions expressed in spoken words and thoughts through printed word. During his lecture, Emoto carefully explained how human beings receive information as frequencies and wave lengths. There are a multitude of measurable frequencies and wave lengths outside of our ability to see, hear or feel them. All frequencies and wave lengths are received as vibrations - many only at the subatomic particle level by the human body and everything on the planet including water. Thought or consciousness, sound and energy can create vibrations which are received by the subatomic level of everything on the planet.

After having published 10 other books, he presented his ideas about water crystals to his former publishers. This time there was no support for his idea. So he self-published his first book on the subject. It sold 4,000 copies by word of mouth. If you read his book the enchanting beauty of the crystals will touch your heart and make you smile. His fourth book on water sold 400,000 before it was translated into English. The books appear to sell themselves.

Water Ignored Forms No Crystals
In The Hidden Messages in Water, Emoto writes, “A family put rice in two jars, and every day for a month said “Thank you” to one jar, and “You fool” to the other, and they tracked how the rice changed over the period. After a month, the rice that was told “Thank you” started to ferment, with a mellow smell like that of malt, while the rice that was exposed to “You fool” rotted and turned black…One family tried a variation of the experiment: like the others, they said “Thank you” to the first bottle of rice and “You fool” to the second bottle, and then they prepared a third bottle of rice that they simply ignored. The ignored rice actually rotted before the rice exposed to “You fool” ….It seems that being ridiculed is actually not as damaging as being ignored. The frozen sample of ‘water ignored’ it forms no crystal. Words really matter as does one’s inattention.

What Makes Water Crystals Change
All substances are made of atoms; each atom has electrons orbiting a nucleus at very high speeds; and each electron produces a unique vibrational flutter called “hado.” Hado’s vibrational frequency (resonance wave) is the source of all energy behind the creation of all things. From his Magnetic Resonance Analysis (MRA) research of hado, Emoto concludes that “all things lie within our own consciousness.” Thus, he believes that we should do our best to raise our hado level by doing things like saying blessings over our food and water. Water is an information receiver and transporter. It also responds to the vibrations to which it is exposed by changing its form.

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Masaru Emoto
Fujiwara Dam after blessing Love and Thanks Mozart

The above is an excerpt from the Hill Lake Press article, July 2004,  written by Mary Williams

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