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The Hidden Messages in Water

Horst M. Rechelbacher and Spring Forest Qigong Foundations are sponsoring "The Hidden Messages in Water" presentation by Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist and doctor of alternative medicine, early May. This presentation is brought to the Twin Cities by AquaEssence ReSource (AERS), a non-profit organization. Emoto will also be the guest speaker at a dialogue with professors at the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing and will visit with elementary school students in Eden Prairie and Prior Lake.

Other supporting organizations for Emoto’s presentation include: The Continuum Center, Pathways, Noetic Market Place, Eagle Trace Chiropractic, The Edge, Powderhorn/Phillips Cultural Wellness Center, and the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing.

Emoto travels the world sharing his message of HADO: "The intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter."

During his 2004 United States tour, Emoto will share his stunning water crystal photographs and discuss how our thoughts and feelings affect physical reality. His reproducible research offers a major shift in our understanding of water and demonstrates, scientifically, the beneficial effects of prayer and sound. He provides compelling evidence that music, prayer, thoughts and words affect the molecular structure of water. The human body and the earth’s surface are both comprised of approximately 70% water. More than any substance, water seems to define humanity.

Emoto researches water and the changes that occur in its molecular structure. His research, into the nature of water, reveals an infinite variety of form and structure. His groundbreaking books "Messages From Water Vol. 1, 2, and 3" chronicle and explain his research methods and results. Emoto’s research involves gathering samples of water, then, exposing these samples to sound, written word or prayer. He freezes these samples and photographs the ensuing crystals. The results are reflected in his photographs of the crystals of frozen water where Emoto finds the hidden messages of Hado.

Emoto’s work with hado began when he discovered, through Dr. Lee Lorenzen of the University of California, Berkeley, a machine called a Magnetic Resonance Analyzer or MRA. MRA can be used for several functions including water quality inspection. Every substance is comprised of atoms. Every atom has a nucleus and electrons. The negative electrons orbit the positive nucleus at a very high speed and, thus, each produce a one of a kind vibrational flutter. This is what Emoto calls hado.

Hado is the specific vibrating wave, generated by electrons as they orbit the nucleus of an atom. This wave makes an individual pattern in each atom which is called magnetic resonance field. Emoto uses the MRA to record hado information into micro-cluster water or magnetic resonance water. According to Emoto, hado’s vibrational frequency (resonance wave) is the source of energy behind the creation of all things. From his research with MRA, Emoto concluded that, "all things lie within your own consciousness." Thus, he believes we should do our best to raise our hado level by doing things such as saying blessings over our food and water.

In 1994, Emoto and his colleagues at the MRA Research Institute began taking photographs of frozen water crystals. These photos are taken inside a freezer that is at a temperature of -5° C. The photos below are examples taken from Emoto's book "Messages from Water," which documents his findings on water. This book illustrates how water quality is reflected in its crystalline structure and how the nature of water can be affected by exposure to pollution, words, music, photos, and prayer. When we reflect on how our bodies are primarily made of water, the implications of Emoto's work are staggering.

Emoto will speak on Tuesday, May 4; 7pm at Wayzata Community Church in Wayzata, MN. Tickets prior to the event are $25 through the TicketWeb link below or by calling 866-468-3401. Tickets will be $33 at the door.

Emoto’s books will be available for purchase and signing immediately following his presentation and again, the following evening, at a reception held in his honor, hosted at The Continuum Center. Join Emoto to further understand his unique water research and its profound global implications for humanity. For further information on Emoto’s work, visit his website at www.hado.net .

This article is written and submitted by Diane S. Jankord on behalf of AquaEssence ReSource. Some material used in the article was previously written by Ralph Suddath and is used by permission. 

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